When we go to the movies, we want to escape reality. We want to be immersed in an other world or be sucked into a story that is not our own life. We can feel joy, excitement or experience heart tearing moments that send a shiver down our spine. When the end credits roll we go back to our own scripts and continue with our lives.

While writing my own script I try to immerse myself in as many stories as possible. Bringing fictional stories from my mind to life, discovering new places that inspire me and most importantly listening to the people that I meet along the way. Diving into their story and seeing the beauty that they bring.

I like to view my photographs as if they are screenshots from a movie, a frozen moment waiting for you to press the unpause button. With my photography I strive for photographs that have the perfect atmosphere and mood.

Images that tell a story of fiction, although they still have a strange natural feeling.

Photographs that let you escape your reality for a moment.


Gazet van Antwerpen - 2018
Darkbeauty magazin X - 2018
Surreal Beauty magazine September - 2017
Sveriges radio P4 Extra: De tävlar i världens största cosplaytävling - 2017
Imarige magazine: Beautiful killers Cover - 2017
Surreal Beauty magazine Januari - 2017
Photovogue - 2017
Darkbeauty magazine - 2017
Coswise Magazine issue #13 - 2016
Lite on - 2016
Darkbeauty magazine - 2016
Lite on - 2015


Post fossil Gent - 2018
Graduation expo Narafi - 2016
100 years WWI Lier - 2015

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